Good people, recommended by friends.

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Join & share your recommended providers with friends.

Invite friends to join your network & share their recommendations.

Contact recommended providers directly & quickly.


Incredibly easy to join, setup & use.


Contacting providers is quick & seamless.


You, your friends & providers all benefit from shared recommendations.

Friends recommendations

By creating a network with your friends you can see their recommendations and share yours with them.

Contact Providers

iNeed makes it very simple to message, call or post a job to recommended providers.

Providers can respond directly to you to discuss the job and confirm details.

A joy to use

iNeed simply is the easiest & quickest ways to find providers recommended by friends and people you trust.

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Simon, Suffolk

"Word of mouth has and always will be the best way to find recommended providers."
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Emma, Suffolk

"Simple idea, I can see this becoming very useful for my friends & I."
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John, Suffolk

"I generally only use people recommended by friends - iNeed now makes this very quick & easy."